About A Place at Home

When it comes to in-home senior care and other services designed to help seniors age gracefully in Allen, TX and surrounding communities, A Place at Home North Texas is there to provide you with compassionate professionals to assist you or your loved ones throughout the aging process.

We believe senior care does not have to be challenging.

The ability to age with dignity and respect in the familiar surroundings of your own home or the place you call home is entirely possible. A Place at Home North Texas understands that every senior’s situation is different.  That’s why our passionate, professional caregivers strive to provide seniors with the ability to maintain their independence through companionship and personal in-home senior care.

We are also there if you need an advocate to help you navigate through the healthcare system, if you are ready to find the right senior community for your next place to call home, or if you are a health care business in need of short or long-term staffing.  Our business was built with seniors in mind and our senior-focused services are tailored to make your senior years filled with peace of mind.  You deserve to receive the best care possible at the time you need it the most.

Our in-home senior care is available throughout  North Texas including the Texas communities of Allen, Plano, Frisco, McKinney, Richardson and other nearby communities.

We work with you personally to find the best programs to pay for your care to include long term care insurance, veterans benefits, Medicare and Medicaid, private pay options and other senior care funding options.

Are you looking for care for yourself or a loved one?

We Are Care

The “We are CARE” philosophy is a commitment to the company’s core values of Compassionate, Accountable, Respectful, and Ethical. The values are incorporated into every dealing A Place at Home has with the families it serves, our employees and caregivers, and the entire Allen community as a whole.  Our dedication to provide the most compassionate and professional senior care, when and where families need it and delivered in a manner that is consistent and reliable, means that CARE is the most significant product we offer.

We are pleased to offer CARE to you in your time of need, and we believe you will find that relying on a company that roots itself in care will provide you with the peace of mind you need for you or your loved one.

  • Compassionate – We serve with sensitivity and understanding
  • Accountable – We stand behind everything we do
  • Respectful – We advocate for mutual trust and consideration
  • Ethical – We maintain the highest standards and morals


We are always looking for compassionate Caregivers who believe that caring for others is one of the most important roles they can possess.  Your caring provides Allen area families and seniors with a trusted partner when it comes to their satisfaction, safety, and longevity. If you are looking for a CNA job, you have come to the right place. When it comes to elder care, and in particular, in-home senior care, we consider our employees the best in the business.

Primarily, we are looking for CNAs (Certified Nursing Assistants) to provide care to seniors in-home or in a community environment. However, if you have had any experience with a home care job or a senior care job, we’d like to talk to you as well!

Shifts generally range from two to twelve hours, which enables you to work as little or as many hours as fits your schedule or preference. And, with our service area extending throughout the North Texas communities including Allen, Plano, Frisco, McKinney and Richardson, it is likely that your clients will be near where you are.

If you are looking for:

  • Being part of a team that cares as well as a company that leads with its values

  • Developing your skills through training and career advancement opportunities

  • Advancing your career with specially designed career paths

  • Being recognized and rewarded for your passionate adherence to our core values

You’ll be right at home with us.

Apply online today.  We look forward to having you as part of the Allen-based A Place at Home team.

Are you a caregiver who loves helping others?

Care Team

Our team members were hand-selected by the A Place at Home management team for their professionalism, expertise, and compassion

Joe and Janis Christie, Owners

Joe and Janis both had personal experiences that made them aware of the need for professional personalized assistance to seniors and their families during transitions from a current situation to the next stage in their life.

“My mother was ill for many years,” says Janis. “My father was caring for her, but he needed assistance with her care. He didn’t know how to find it, or where. He had to work his way through the difficult process of balancing my mother’s needs with his own by himself.”

Joe adds, “Watching two loved ones struggle with age-related illnesses brought awareness that seniors and their families need assistance during periods of transition. My mother’s husband was bed-ridden, and she was left to care for them both, despite having neither the skill, nor the stamina, to do so.”

Joe was contacted by a social worker to inform him that his father’s Alzheimer’s disease had left him unable to care for himself. “I was named as his guardian. Having little understanding of what this entailed, it took me weeks to sort through the responsibilities to make meaningful progress with his care. Needing so much help, and being unable to find it, was an eye-opener for me.”

Joe and Janis were led to pursue the senior care business in order to lessen the burden and uncertainty for both seniors, and their families and to be the professional resource providing compassionate care solutions.

We chose A Place At Home because their vision and mission mirror that of our own and we were impressed by A Place at Home because it offers a continuum of care model that’s affordable, adaptable, and well-coordinated. In addition, A Place At Home’s “We are CARE” philosophy is a commitment to the Company’s core values of Compassionate, Accountable, Respectful, and Ethical.

Rooted In Care

Trees hold significant symbolism. The Tree of Life is a concept spanning across multiple schools of thought. Whether it’s art, religion, or literature, the Tree of Life largely represents the intertwining of all living things.

At A Place at Home North Texas trees represent a powerful meaning.  Like others, we think of trees as the symbol of the vitality of life, and those that came before us, and those that will carry on after we are gone. It stands for families and ancestors. It stands for strength, stability, and nourishment.

Like families, the branches grow and extend. The leaves, while in appearance similar, each have their own uniqueness and texture. The roots keep it stable and extract nutrients from the earth to help it develop, grow, and repair.

We think of the care that we provide to families and those in need as the roots that support the family system when it is needed the most.  It is a means to help nourish the lives of loved ones and the strength that families need when they can’t do it all themselves. It is a belief that caring, above all else, is the path to ensuring generations can live on in the past, present, and future with hope and happiness.

When we developed our logo, we thought long and hard about what it means to provide care to families. We saw the tree as that symbol that would represent our commitment to the lives of all that we serve. And when one of those that we have cared for is gone, we plant trees in honor of them through the Arbor Day Foundation. This assures families that the life of their loved one has meant something of significance and will carry on for future generations to provide a symbol of lasting peace and comfort.

A Place at Home North Texas is rooted in CARE.

Are you looking for care for yourself or a loved one?

Client Testimonials

A Place At Home – North Texas answers you whenever you call them, went into detail about the clients, let you know when you are doing a good job, and when you tell them your experience level they put you with the right person. – Felisa, Caregiver

A Place At Home – North Texas truly cares about who they work for and they believe in what they are doing. – Michelline, Client

After I entered an assisted living community, Janis from A Place At Home stayed with me daily for a period of 5/6 hours. My family had asked if she would do this because I was being quarantined because of the virus. The family was concerned with me being alone for 24/7 in a rather small apartment. Janis really put her whole self into making my time of confinement pleasant.  She just pitched in and did anything I needed. She did some cleaning, dishwashing, preparation of coffee so all I had to do was push a button the next morning. She is a real thoughtful person and even included loving my best friend Paco (a 19 year old fur baby). We passed the day doing mostly just fun things including watching movies on tv, reading, and playing games. She shopped for groceries for me and Paco. Janis prepared food if we needed it and my dog Paco liked that a lot as she brought him grilled chicken. His very favorite. After her time was up, he searched everywhere for her. Still does when he thinks of her. We miss her a lot.” – Nell, Client

I am almost 90 years Old. I live alone with a little dog named Piper to keep me company. My immediate family members are deceased, and my distant relatives live too far away to care for me. I need a walker to walk around and I cannot drive. I also have rheumatoid arthritis and live in pain. As I found it more and more difficult to take care of myself, I began to look for help. My neighbor suggested that I move to assisted living, but the thought of having to cope with moving terrified me. So I prayed for guidance and searched the internet for a solution. God really does answer prayer, and I found A Place at Home in North Texas and called them up. Janis and Joe Christie came to my house for an initial meeting and I was instantly and honestly impressed with their willingness to listen to my needs, answer all my questions and “be there” for me.

Never in my wildest dreams did I expect so much compassion and solace as I received from them. They were receptive to all my needs, including finding a care giver who would be willing to walk my little dog…because I couldn’t. Janis even took him for a walk while she was there… and I never expected that. Since then she has been like a mother to me, generously providing everything I needed when I needed it and never making me feel that it was a big deal. I hired them and they have continuously surprised me with services I never expected, including veterans benefits since my late husband fought in World War II. She came to my house when I thought I was having a stroke and called the paramedics to take me to the hospital. She even took care of my little dog so I wouldn’t have to worry about him!! When I returned home she made sure that someone visited me every day and took care of me. Janis and Joe are never further away from me than a phone call or a text message. They never failed to respond immediately whenever I needed help, so I never felt alone anymore since I met them. My life is now fuller and richer than ever before. I am richly blessed. – Shonsaya, Client