Six Signs of Dementia You Need to Know About

In dementia, the brain’s nerve cells stop working, and while this process occurs naturally with aging, it occurs at a faster rate in those who have dementia. Experts now know that there are various kinds of dementia, and they also know that there are some major signs people can watch out for. If someone you love is experiencing one or more of these signs, then it’s definitely worth talking to a doctor, especially if these symptoms are disrupting daily life. Here are six signs of dementia to watch for:

Memory Loss
Memory loss is a true hallmark of dementia. If someone is having difficulty recalling events and things-to-do or things they’ve just learned, they could be experiencing signs of dementia. Memory loss can certainly be a sign of normal aging, but in dementia, newly learned information typically cannot be recalled at all.

In dementia, it’s common to see someone get confused about where they are as they struggle with the passing of time, dates, and grasping events that are going to happen in the future. Getting confused about the passage of time in general is common.

Losing Things
While misplacing things on occasion can certainly be normal, if losing things becomes a sudden and progressive issue, then it could be a sign of dementia. If someone begins losing everyday items, such as car keys, or insists that someone is stealing their items, this could be a sign of dementia.

Personality Changes
Dementia can cause a plethora of changes in personality, including depression, anxiety, mood swings, and even inappropriate behavior.

Disinterest in Socialization
When an older adult becomes uninterested in socialization and withdrawn, it could be a sign of dementia. They may stop paying attention when people are speaking to them and stop doing things involving other people.

Poor Judgment
Dementia can cause people to have trouble in decision making, reasoning, and taking care of themselves. Impulsive behavior and lack of hygiene can sometimes be attributed to dementia.

Having one of these signs alone isn’t always indicative of dementia, but if you’ve noticed a change, then it’s always worth getting a checkup to be sure. A Place at Home North Austin helps your family manage dementia with personalized in home care.