8 Ways You Can Help Improve the Quality of Life for Someone Living with COPD Starting Today

If you or a loved one has been diagnosed with COPD (Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease), then you probably have a lot of questions. You’ll soon realize that understanding how and when to take those new prescriptions you just picked up at the pharmacy is the tip of the iceberg. The reality of living with COPD can be much more complicated, but once armed with a little knowledge about COPD, you can begin taking preventative measures that will help make the quality of life for you or the life of a loved one with COPD much, much better.

For instance, there will likely need to be some changes around the house. When someone with COPD goes home, small modifications can go a long way. You see, there are numerous COPD triggers that can cause flare-ups, but the best way to avoid triggers is to understand what those triggers are then set forth to eliminate them. Improved air quality inside a home will reduce the potential for triggering a flare-up and greatly improving the quality of life for a loved one living with COPD.

You can increase the air quality in your home by setting up a simple “to do” list then setting a schedule for when to act on that list. On your list you will want to add, 1. replace home air filters once per month. 2. Check appliances to ensure they are well-ventilated and without any obstructions. 3. Install a dehumidifier. Lowering the humidity level in your home is an important step in lowering COPD triggers. 4. Toss all your old cleaning supplies and replace them with “All Natural” cleaners as well as chemically based cleaners that are low in volatile organic compounds or “VOCs” as these compounds produce lung irritants which can trigger a flare-up. 5. Pets? If a pet is present, vacuum regularly to keep dander and fur levels down. 6. Keep a regular bed time and get plenty of sleep to ensure you are well rested in order to maintain… 7. …an “Active Lifestyle”, exercise/work out regularly but make sure to take frequent breaks to prevent overexertion. 8. Take your medications as prescribed, following your doctors orders will help keep your COPD well-managed and reduce the number of flare-ups. Always keep a list of your medications names and doses with you. In the event of an emergency you will want to be able to provide this information to the medical professionals providing care.

A Place at Home caregivers specialize in working with COPD patients. We know it can be tough to transform your lifestyle, but that’s where we come in. We can help COPD patients with personal assistance services, but we’re also there to help them maintain their home by cleaning, doing laundry and preparing meals. We can also help them stay active by taking them for walks. By incorporating these changes into your lifestyle or the lifestyle of a loved one and by calling A Place At Home, together we can do our part to help people living with COPD live healthier, happier lives. Call today to learn how A Place At Home – North Austin can help with the care of a loved one who is living with COPD.