Talking to your Aging Parents

A Place at Home knows that talking to your parents about home care or assisted living is tough. We can offer some tips when talking to your parents about needing care and we are here to make that transition a smooth process. Here are some tips for talking to your parents:

  1. Start Discussions Early
  2. Include Other Family Members
  3. Explain the Purpose of Your Conversation
  4. Understand Your Parents’ Need to Control Their Own Lives
  5. Agree to Disagree
  6. Use Good Communication Skills
  7. Ask About Records and Documentation
  8. Provide Information
  9. Reevaluate if Things Aren’t Working Well
  10. Treat Your Parents With Respect


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A Place at Home provides RN Advocacy services that can include coordinating your health care needs and acting as a liaison between you or your senior and various medical professionals.  This ensures that communication is understood while providing the peace of mind that no stone is left unturned when it comes to your care.