Things to Look for When Visiting Your Parents this Holiday Season

If you are visiting your senior parents this holiday season, it’s a prime opportunity to renew family bonds and set your mind at ease about how they’re really doing.

During an in-person visit, you may notice details about your parents’ day-to-day well-being, which you can easily miss when communicating long distance. Here are a few key things to look for to ensure your parents are safe in their own home.

Signs Your Senior Parent May Need Help at Home

Your elderly parents may need in-home senior care when family is far away, if you notice:

  • Neglected personal care and appearance: Your parent may have cognitive or mobility problems — or may be depressed and/or lonely.
  • Weight loss: Your loved ones might be forgetting to eat, have no appetite, or be unable to cook due to arthritis or memory issues.
  • Expired medication: Your parent could be risking their health.
  • Poor housekeeping: Mold, piled dirty dishes or spoiled food means parents may not be eating properly, and could be exposed to germs/illness.
  • Unopened mail or bills: Senior parents may have memory problems that they’re unaware of or are hiding from you to avoid causing worry. They may also feel overwhelmed by the chore of paying bills.
  • Loneliness or depression: Your parent may be spending too much time alone, feeling isolated — possibly causing other issues listed here.
  • Car damage: If you notice safe-driving issues when you visit, it may be time for an eye doctor appointment, or time to consider giving up driving. Approach your parent(s) carefully about this, since driving equals independence for most seniors.

Solutions for Improving Senior Quality of Life: How We Can Help

A Place at Home provides customized solutions for senior care, with expert assistance for all of the above. We can plan/schedule needed in-home elder care services with you. Our senior services may include:

  • Rides to the doctor, to daily errands (grocery store, etc.) or to visit a friend, to help maintain senior independence.
  • Light housekeeping to ensure a healthy home environment.
  • Daily grooming and laundry to improve self-esteem.
  • Basic cooking or meals to maintain health and strength.
  • Medication management for senior safety.
  • Reliable daily (or as scheduled) check-ins to ensure safety and help prevent isolation, loneliness and depression.
  • Promptly report concerns to you, providing you peace of mind.

Get Expert Senior In-Home Care in Phoenix/Scottsdale

If your parent needs assistance in the home, you can count on A Place at Home for friendly, caring and dependable at-home senior services. Contact us for more information about our continuum of senior care.