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Our CARE (compassionate, accountable, respectful, and ethical) stands out in an industry too often plagued by indifference.

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Consistent, reliable, customized service to meet the needs of your loved ones.

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Get the peace of mind that comes with knowing passionate, loving professionals are watching over you or your senior loved one.

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Age gracefully and with dignity, right inside the home you love.

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    I need senior assisted living services near me. How can you help?

    Just take advantage of A Place at Home's Senior Living Alternatives program.

    We've developed strong relationships with the current senior assisted living communities. When assisted living is right for your senior, we can make recommendations and help develop a transition plan. This is a free, personalized service that helps you choose the right senior facility for you or your loved ones.

    Using this service will help you simplify a very complex process. You'll receive your own advisor, a compassionate, knowledgeable individual who will provide you with the most up-to-date and reliable information on all the options in your areas. Each referral you receive will have been thoroughly vetted for quality of life and quality of care. And you'll receive private location tours of any facility that interests you, all to the goal of helping you and your senior feel comfortable with the choice you've made.

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    Do you provide hospice care in my home?

    A Place at Home is not equipped to provide direct in-home hospice care. That's why we've developed strong partnerships with local hospice care providers. This allows us to analyze your needs and recommend your best options based on those needs. We only work with the highest-quality hospice care services in the Denver area.

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    Does Medicare cover senior assisted living care?

    Sometimes. We offer many different options for payment. Medicare is one option, and private insurance is another. Other clients choose the direct pay option.

    Payment shouldn't be your biggest concern. We'll work with you to find the best payment option to meet your needs. Your biggest concern should be finding the right care solution for you or your loved ones.

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    How much freedom and independence will my loved one have in an assisted living facility?

    Levels of care vary. Some assisted living facilities function much the same way apartments do, but with dining services and trained health care staff on-site in case the senior needs help. Others can send people to help with housekeeping, laundry, dressing care, medication administration, and more.

    Some facilities are meant as progressive care facilities, offering greater levels of care as the senior's needs shift and change.
    Talk to your advisor about your needs and concerns. We're here to help you find the right facility with the right level of care, and that includes levels of care which will help your loved one maintain all the freedom and independence he or she needs or wants.

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  • APAH made sense of a mind-boggling process.
    I was incredibly overwhelmed until I took advantage of the Senior Living Alternatives Program.
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    My main concern was picking a facility for my Mom that would be safe for her. Somewhere she'd enjoy living. But there were just so many choices, and there's a lot of terminology out there. It was so much easier to just tell my coordinator what my Mom needed, then to receive a list of pre-screened places to visit. Thanks, APAH!

    Jessica J.
  • Our provider of many years.
    I love how they helped us transition.
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    We'd used APAH's in-home care services for many years before making the decision that my Dad just needed more help than in-home care could provide. It's a rare company that will actually help you transition out of using their services. But they did, with the same level of compassion and professionalism that they've always shown. If you need in-home care for a senior, look no further than A Place at Home.

    Randy Q.